Let kids read for fun!

Let kids read for fun!

Our driving philosophy at Phaphamani is that reading is fun and enjoyable.  When our children are exposed to African language books in the school system, the books can often be dry or formulaic.

In order to ignite a love of reading and a deepening of language in our children, books must be captivating, and memorable.

Kati, xosha igundane [Cat, chase that rat!] is a classic Phaphamani kids story. It is funny, humorous and memorable story and had been enjoyed by kids wherever we have shared it with them.

Most important for us is the use of simple, rich and descriptive language that helps the child to develop strong idiomatic grasp of African languages.

The printed version of the book will be available soon for sale on our website www.phaphamani.co.za



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